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As a business professional there’s no denying that one of the most basic, yet important, parts of presenting a professional impression is your headshot. Your headshot is often the very first impression you will make on a customer, business associate, agent, or promoter. After all the effort you’ve put in, hours of practice honing your skills, do you really want to be let down by a less than high-quality headshot? It’s easy to think, “My friend has a really great camera, I’ll just let her do it!” If your friend is a professional photographer then you're lucky to have that resource! If not, you are running the risk of not having exactly what you need to make a great first impression and furthering your career or promoting your business. There are many reasons that hiring a professional photographer just makes more sense. Let’s go over a few of them.


Taking it from the top, a professional photographer with experience will have the skills necessary to produce an industry standard headshot of you. They will know exactly what focal length lens to use to produce the most flattering headshot without distortion and have access to the necessary gear. Also, a professional photographer will know exactly how to light you to best effect which means knowledge of how to light using strobes in the studio, and how to use natural light to best effect too. The professional you choose will have a clear understanding of the differences in the types of headshots needed for business people, actors, dancers and more.


A good professional photographer will be able to focus on what makes a good headshot photograph. Advising you on clothing, makeup, styling, and posing. Knowing that you are benefiting from the efforts of someone who depends on their skill, just like you do, should inspire confidence. As much as you want to look your best, your photographer has just as much interest in making sure you look your best.


Making the sensible decision to use a professional photographer for your headshot and branding photography means that when it comes time to use those images in your corporate brochures or annual reports you know that you will be able to make a quality print. Similarly, your photographer will know how to best resize your image for your website and social media.


Once you’ve found a photographer whose work you like and who you develop a rapport with, you will find you now have another career asset. It is likely you will return to them for future branding photographs since you know the style and quality of their work.


It’s very tempting in an age where everyone has access to a camera to consider cutting a few corners when it comes to your headshot or photography in general. However, this is your business/career that is at stake.

Just like you wouldn’t cut corners with other aspects of your business you should consider a good professional headshot as an investment that pays for itself in presenting you as confident and prepared.

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